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About Sewn Gold

For most of the earlier collections, we have listed only one price. This price is for all gold-filled findings with either the larger 22K gold plated clasp (on larger models) or a smaller, more streamlined 18K gold plated clasp.

In the LUXE Section, all pieces are made with 14K gold and/or 18K gold as specified.

All Sewn Gold pieces feature 24K plated steel cord.

Each Sewn Gold bracelet and necklace has an extender chain to allow for a wide array of sizes.

About Ordering & Delivery

Once you have placed your order, we will send a confirmation that your order has been received.

Most orders take 1-2 weeks to deliver. Rush delivery is available for those special occasions.

About Our Packaging

All pieces come with our boxes elegantly gold stamped with our logo.

For Sewn Gold pieces, each box also contains a beautifully letter-pressed insert that reads:

Kindred Jewels

Blending contemporary style and old world elegance, Alison Mezey's Sewn Gold has an exquisitely feminine and timeless appeal. Hand-crafted with care and precision by master beaders in the California countryside, these innovative designs feature flexible 24K gold plated cord. Although this charismatic jewelry appears extremely delicate it is quite durable and can tolerate a lot of tugging and traveling. As with Nature these pieces are ever changing; they move with air, with light, with you. Upon occasion or after a particularly fabulous romp your piece may require a little adjusting. Feel free to firmly twist it back to its original shape as desired. We all imbue our jewelry with meaning, associating it with a person, a place, a milestone, a reward, a wish, a commitment, a reminder of love and the beauty we want to find inside ourselves. May this jewelry reflect the beauty you find there.

Alison Mezey

If you would like to have Alison do a trunk show in your location, please let us know.

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